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Preventative A/C Maintenance in Winston-Salem, NC

Join the McDowell Heating & Air VIP Maintenance Club - $11.95/Month

It is important that you have your heating and cooling system serviced regularly in the Triad area. Preventative maintenance could not only save you money on your energy bills, it can save your system from major problems that can be very expensive! That is why we created the VIP Maintenance Club. When you sign up to be a member, you will receive many benefits including:
  • One free annual inspection, (during the visit the technician will check both heating and cooling)
  • A discounted service fee of $70 (normally $90)
  • Up to a 15% discount on service repairs
  • Guarantee of service within 72 hours
VIP Maintenance will not only offer you peace of mind, it will ease the pressure on your wallet! Join today for only $11.95/month ($143.40/annually) on your first system and $7.95/month ($95.40/annually) on each additional system. You will receive a reminder to renew and schedule your annual inspection. Don’t wait to call until a problem occurs with your system. With your heating and cooling system accounting for roughly 40% of your energy consumption, you need to make sure it is running at its highest efficiency. 

For information on a maintenance plan for your commercial property call our office today for a free estimate. From there we will offer you a unique agreement based on your company’s needs.

The day of your first payment is the beginning of your savings! Call today!

Terms & Conditions
Complete system examples include but not limited to: Furnace with A/C, Heat Pump
$11.95/month for first complete system. $7.95/month for each complete system after first complete system. A/C only agreements are $7.95/month. Customers may pay for agreements in full at beginning of service. A/C agreements do not cover air distribution equipment. Agreements pertain only to covered equipment and exclude duct work and all equipment not affiliated with covered equipment. Agreements are for one year. An inspection of equipment is required by a technician from McDowell Heating & Air and must be performed during normal business hours unless approved by management. A signed authorization form is required prior to placing customer under recurring billing program. Recurring billing options include MC, Visa, Discover and American Express. Failure to render payment each month per agreed upon date will result in immediate termination of said agreement and McDowell Heating & Air will notify customer by phone or email. Customer may discontinue agreement by written and signed letter or by email with phone verification. Agreements are transferable to new homeowners and coverage will continue per most recent agreement terms and conditions. It is the responsibility of existing homeowner to notify McDowell Heating & Air to discontinue agreement services and to stop payment by providing 30 days written notice. It is the responsibility of new homeowner to notify McDowell Heating & Air of new homeowner's name, contact information, billing information, and sign an authorization form prior to recurring billing will be instated. Above said pricing is for residential equipment only. For commercial agreement pricing, call for a free estimate.

How Often Should You Have Preventative A/C Maintenance?

Even if you do not suspect any problems with your A/C unit, you should schedule routine maintenance with McDowell Heating & Air if you live in the Winston-Salem, NC area. You should have your A/C unit inspected, cleaned and serviced at least once a year to keep it running at its very best. Filters, coils and fins are necessary parts of your A/C unit that you should require preventative A/C maintenance. 

A/C Filter Maintenance

Routinely replacing the filters or cleaning them increases the air flow. It also increases your A/C units energy flow. Dirt and debris can be a big factor in how air circulates through your system. Replacing or cleaning your filter can increase your energy by 5% - 15%. Count on McDowell Heating & Air serving Winston-Salem, NC to provide quick preventative maintenance services and keep your filter clean and dirt free!

A/C Coil Maintenance

A/C's have coils that can collect dirt as well over time just as your filter can! McDowell Heating & Air will check these when you schedule your routine maintenance! A filter helps to keep dirt off of the coils in an A/C unit but dirt still finds a way to cover the coils, disallowing heat. Preventative A/C maintenance is necessary to keep your coils absorbing heat.
A/C Coil Fins Maintenance
McDowell Heating & Air also checks your coil fins when administering your A/C maintenance. Coils can often become bent and we're here to help put them back in place. Bent coils can often block air flow which is bad for heating and cooling. Count on the experts in Winston-Salem, NC to pop those coil fins back into place! Save on your energy bills today before you find bigger issues with your A/C system. Call us today!
Preventative A/C Maintenance
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