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The air you breathe has a major effect on your health. The United States EPA ranks indoor air quality as a top five environmental risk to public health. EPA studies found indoor air pollutants were generally 2 to 5 times greater than outdoor pollution levels. In some cases, indoor air pollution was 100x greater. The Air Knight air purifier is a revolutionized ultraviolet technology that we find to be so effective, we installed on our own system. 

With Air Knight, you stop the contaminants right in their tracks.

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Greensboro, NC, Air Conditioning Service

Finding the Perfect Air Filter

As affordable air conditioner contractors, we want to find you the very best products that will work best for you. This being said, finding the right sized air filter at a good price can be difficult, which is why our team is here to help you.

What to look for while air filter shopping:

  • Appropriate Size
  • MERV Rating
  • Brand Name

Many contaminants in the air cannot be seen, but with the right air filter, you can breathe the air in your home with confidence knowing that it’s clean!

When looking into the Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV), know that the higher the rating, the better the filter’s ability to block out contaminates.

Our filters start at a MERV rating of 5 and go up from there. Generally, a rating of 8 is recommended for high-quality filtration and a longer life span, lasting anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

How Air Filters Will Benefit You

Not only do air filters clean the air of contaminants, but also they allow your AC and heating system to run more efficiently. Oftentimes, your system’s failure is due to poor airflow. The cost of these repairs can be harsh, so rely on our team for quality air conditioning preventative maintenance.

Our Affordable Air Conditioning Contractors Can Help!

To find the right air filter for you, browse and order online.  

If you need assistance, give us a call at 336-802-1707 and we’d be happy to find you the perfect purifier and filter to suit your needs.

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